Memories - Cycling-Part 1

People have memories, and memories of childhood are the most wonderful period. Childhood is the most amazing phase of our life. Looking back at my childhood I remember my best friend who accompanied me with my growth and every turning of those days. My favorite Bicycle.
When I see back in my life, I have walked so many distances.  A short trip, a medium trip, and a long trip. Walking is amazing. I think My shortest trip is from the bed to the door of the room talking few seconds, A long trip is about 12 hours trek and the medium walk are all those walks in the middle.  Calculating my walks and measuring those in time is the easiest thing. Though People make troll of it, it is wonderful. Walking is the most common thing that every creature does. Today I am not writing about walking, Some days I may write about it too. I want to share here is my memories of my best friend my bicycle.
Initiating friendship with the bicycle was a bit difficult for me.  Maybe because I was too small or maybe Bicycle was big. I used to see people around me cycling and cycling. Back then the number of the cycle in the streets used to be higher than any other vehicle. I remember we had the Red ladies bicycle. I still remember the Brand. It's Avon.  My brother used to ride cycle. I used to sit beside him. we used to take round and round over the town. Deep inside me, I had the feeling that one day I will ride the bicycle.  But the friendship with Avon was not easy. I couldn’t handle it.  Still, I used to get a  feeling of riding cycle at evening or night. And you may say it is crazy.We had our living near the main road.  At evening or nights when any vehicles traveled by the road with the headlights on, the shadow of the cycle used to move along the lights of vehicles. I used to sit at the cycle which was leaned against the wall and take the feeling of riding cycle along with the moving shadow of me and cycle with the lights of vehicles on the road. That was the most innocent and wonderful experience of cycling.

I used to analyze, how the cycling can be done. It was amazing how cycle just goes with the flow of paddling.   I used to look at the people cycling, and used to think oh! it is very easy to ride the cycle.  Just keep your hands on the handle, and paddle using your legs. But whenever I tried to touch the cycle the whole balancing thing used to come up and being unable to handle it, I had to leave the cycle on the ground. The cycle was a dream for me. Cycling was the fantastic thing that I could do as a child. The only thing I knew then was I had to learn to ride cycle.