Going Through The Blockade

A  Sunny winter is one of the most favorite times when people love sun. In addition, it is a heavenly bless if one could enjoy taking the sip of coffee with a newspaper early in the morning. It makes whole day beautiful and meaningful.
Reading a newspaper nowadays to us is like going through the hell. Rather making the whole day meaningful, the news and headlines creates numbness in mind. Who will be interested to read the whole newspaper which has the headlines that reads ‘3-month-old dies for want to treatment as United Democratic Madhesi Front (UDMF) protesters obstruct ambulance’?A newly born infant is victimized in the agitation. The protesters’ asking for their rights has taken away the living rights of infant. That infant who could be the source of change in future is murdered. I prefer the word murder because if he had been into hospital in right time he would have saved. And I don’t know whom to blame in such situation. His parents? Certainly not: they had taken him to the hospital in an Ambulance, The second “the ambulance Driver” I do not think he had not driven slowly so that infant would die on his way. In addition, the protester who are still protesting for more than 100 days, or the government who is still deaf and blind towards this situation. The issue is exaggerated and if there are no solutions, both parties are wrong. The protester should think once if there demand is really reasonable? Had it been reasonable, the government would have been fulfilling it. Isn’t it an act of terrorism to deprive the right of living of newly born infant. The protest is going on the way to terrorism. And we peace loving Nepali cannot accept the terrorism at any cost.  The protester are going through the wrong way and so the government and sending troops to the affected areas is certainly not the solutions too.
If it is done so then it will be no wonder that Terai will face the terrorism. War has also certain rules and responsibilities so where is the protest leading?  Isn’t this the time of realization? Because of the blockade and protest, the socioeconomic sufferings will have the impact on long run. The leaders who are in the position and power to resolve all these must find out the solution. The suffering is intolerable and the situation is being worse. After every dark night there comes a golden morning and we Nepalese are waiting for such golden morning to come. I pray the leaders will act as the Sun bringing the Golden morning and wonderful life ahead.