The Amazing Wedding Ceremony

"If You carry your childhood with you , you never become old." 
Childhood is the most beautiful ornament  that one can hold for the happiness throughout the life. Childhood phase is the most amazing and precious moment of ones life. Time passes by , childhood passes by , you are stacked with numerous responsibility each day . The responsibility of study , career , family , love and so on but yet the memories which you carried in your childhood period never ends throughout the life. Being in my 20s and looking back to the life I find that the most beautiful time I spent was at my early childhood where there was not much responsibility and everything I did was a matter of happiness for my parents and a learning for me myself. . Today after so many years these kids in my locality reminded of my initial phase of my life . It was the Wedding ceremony of 3 couple of dolls . Yeah 3 couple in the same "Mandap" . They had brought some chocolates and biscuits for the party . And yes being the Nepalese children and cracking the coconut during any auspicious work is the part of our culture they invited me for cracking it . They made me the chief guest of the ceremony and even gifted me a flower as a token of love . They are innocent and I was feeling so proud that they made my evening. It will be really a great feeling when you arrive from your hectic schedule and your little brothers and sisters refresh you with such a grand and beautiful event. I know everyday these kids are growing up ,and  I may not be recognizing them as grown ups but I am sure that they won't forget me and I won't  forget them and these beautiful moments with them. These children gave me a new energy and a positive vibes in my mind. I wish their beautiful future and yes I can be sure that they will be doing the amazing event management work in coming days of their life .Thank you Sirsha, Munnu, and Alisha for your amazing plan and making me a part of this plan . I love you and wish for your successful future.


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