Sharing is Saving

A summer Day in Biratnagar. The sun was shining brightly. It was around 35 degree Celsius. A mother was about to deliver the baby in the hospital. Nurses and doctors were rushing here and there.  The husband was waiting praying the god. The case is being complicated, doctor said,’ make the arrangement for the operation.
Everybody was rushing here and there; the lady was taken to the operation theater. But before entering into the OT the doctor said, “make necessary arrangement for the blood. “And went .

BLOOD??  The man cried.
Yes, the “O –ve blood” .one of the nurse who was after the doctor explained. “The operation will not be started until and unless the donar is ready. please make necessary arrangement for the blood. “

Ok, he rushed towards the blood bank hurriedly and said his situation but there was no o-ve blood in the blood bank. He couldn’t think of anything. He once decided to give hjis own blood to save his wife but unfortunately he had O+ve blood group. So he cannot provide. The memory of his wife came into his mind. Her love for him. He couldn’t stop his tear.

Rushing from one place to another calling all the relatives and friends, searched all the lists in blood bank book he couldn’t find the blood. He was totally frustrated. He couldn’t find the way. Suddenly his eyes came to one of the pamphlet pasted in the wall of blood bank. “YOUTH FOR BLOOD”. a little hope raised. And dialed the number written in the pamphlet.

A guy cycling in the road of Biratnagar in such hot temperature received the call. After getting necessary information he said ok we will try for it.
From his bag he took out the list their team had collected and tried to find out the O negative blood donor. But unfortunately there was no any. He forwards this message to his friends. He went to the cyber nearby and posted this information on the Facebook and twitter and so many other social networking sites. Everybody in the group was busy searching the blood.

An hour passed but all in vein. They couldn’t find O-ve blood group people. Still they didn’t lose their hope and tried continuously for it.
Finally they found a person with the same blood group but unfortunately the person was out of Biratnagar and couldn’t be available within hours. All of the hope went in vein. They passed this information to the schools and colleges where their friends were studying
One side this all happened with the youths. But the next side the husband was totally hopeless and was sitting outside the OT begging the doctors and nurses whoever passes by for her life.
. And finally a plus two studying guy was there ready to give the blood and went directly towards the blood bank
 He was so happy to see the donor and thanked YFB team and when doctor was sure that the blood was ready then the operation was started. Blood was provided. The sun set in the west and a baby cried. And everybody outside the OT laughed. A grand success in saving the life. The happy family made a grand arrangement for the new baby. And YOUTH FOR BLOOD was invited. They played danced and had fun with family.
Today exactly a year passed. The small baby girl has started spoken and in her baby language whenever YFB team meet with her she says Thank YOU brother and sister. :) :)