love story..

The wind was blowing gently outside. The stars were shining brightly in the sky. The weather was silent and romantic. He peeped through the window. Romantic he said to himself. He smiled looking at stars with his charming face. All of a sudden, her innocent eyes came into his eyes. He was lost in her memory. So innocent girl …. . He could still feel her sweet kiss in his lips. But today she has gone from his life. He became sad. Guiltiness was seen in his eyes. She was far because of him. Oh I made mistake he said to himself. But again he thought what my mistake was. “She could never understand me. Such girls come and go in life. Chill ……”

He was a cool and cheerful guy. No matters what happens but there was never a little bit of sadness in his face. He was ever smiling and wants to enjoy the life fullest. Any girls could be attracted to him easily. He wanted to experience everything in life.  

She came into his life. Not so attractive and beautiful but she used to love him. He has also realized her love for him but he didn’t want to make her close. Love was just a game for him. But he respected those who love him. So he had convinced her that he could not be part of her life but he respected her feelings. But unknowingly her love has won his heart and he started loving her. But he never realized his love. He himself couldn’t understand what’s going on in his life. He never thought he loved her. He was in search of love for the new experience in his life.
It was not difficult for him to get a girl. He found a girl and started flirting on her. His charming nature could attract anybody. When she knew this she was very upset. She asked him to leave her. But he wanted to experience new thing in life. She explained that he would be in trouble for his deeds. But he was not ready to listen. He wanted to lead the life in his own way. He didn’t like interference in his personal matter. He explained that the girl was just for time pass and he was flirting on her. Just to enjoy the life. “I love u but don’t expect more”. He told her. She scolded him thinking that it’s her right to make him understand that he can’t put his feet in two boats.
“I want to enjoy my life according to my wish. It’s my life, who the hell are u to teach me what is right and wrong? “He shouted on her.  She couldn’t speak and cut off the phone. “Thank god it was just a phone conversation” she said to herself.
He dumped her but her memory could not give him sleep. “I could not understand her love. “He said to himself. But again he realized “she couldn’t understand my way of living. She is expecting more from me. I can’t fulfill her expectations. She can’t interrupt in my personal life. It’s my life and my way. “But he forgot that she has included him on her life. She always wished for his happiness. And she disappeared from his life for the sake of his happiness.
He started missing her. She was only the one who should comfort her in any difficulties and make him smile. He dialed her number and got the busy tone. After trying for 3 times the phone on next side sang. She received the phone.
“Hey I m missing you, I love u so much. “He told her. Ok she replied. Nothing came in her mind. He told her that he was trying to call her but the phone was busy.” Who was on the line? “He asked curiously.
“You got your GF and I got my BF and he was on the line. “With tears on her eyes she cut off the line. She wasn’t able to say that she loved him wholeheartedly.
Oops he gasped. Outside there was thundering and it was raining. He could feel her kiss in the cold wind blowing through the window. And saying “I can sacrifice my happiness for yours happiness.”  

Tears rolled down his cheeks…….


  1. Superb writing. The boy's character almost match with me but this is not my story. But you reminded me of mine own story. :)

  2. Good writing, good story, keep it up.

  3. I gave a quick review to this story and found that [ it ] is a masterpiece.
    but the character is set to do what i did not think of . [ I ] on other hand say, this is not a

    things to be happen.

    good luck.


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