A Request

Do you think that we can control our power and emotions? Do you think that the god in inside you? What do you think?

My mind is just wondering. Why can’t I control my emotions? Why can’t I hide my tears with a smile? But I have to do it anyhow, coz. They say me that I am their GOD. They say me I am their living Goddess. I am God so I can’t go outside and play like other children of my age do. I have to hide my childish nature and give blessings to everyone whoever come to visit me. OH! People take my photographs. Am I a celebrity? Certainly not; I have not done anything to be the celebrity. They just brought me from my playing Garden, changed my appearances, and changed my dresses. Oh! God it’s very disgusting. I can’t choose my own dress.
Every morning I have to wake up very early, I can’t sleep for late hour. Nobody understands me. They just worship me. I can’t laugh freely, also I can’t cry aloud. I can’t call my mamma. I can’t call my papa. They also worship me. How can I say them I am not your god. I am your daughter. I am your little child who wants freedom. A little child can’t bless u old people. I can’t be God. I have not any power to be God. I am a normal kid, who has many things to learn from you old people.
Please understand me. Please, don’t worship me. But love me and provide me all those a child need. I want the love and care not the worship. Please understand me; please help me to get out of this prison. I want freedom not the restriction.


  1. जिउँदी देवीको दुःखलाग्दो कहर । उनका पीडाहरुलाई आफूमा ढालेर लेख्नु नै लेखिकाको महत्वपूर्ण उपलब्धी हो । साँच्चै साँस्कृतिक मूल्यमान्यतालाई मान्ने दौडमा हामी राक्षस हुदैँछौ, लेखिकाको भित्री हृदयले भन्छ । मान्छेलाई प्रातडना दिएर गरिने धर्म, धर्म हुँदैन । हाम्रा समाजमा यत्रा दिग्गज व्यक्तित्वहरु छन्, समाज परिवर्तनका लागि विभिन्न अभियानमा लागेका छन् तर उनीहरुको अन्धविश्वासले नै सीमा नाघेको छ । अनुषा जी पोष्टले हृदय बोझिल भयो । यस्तै पोष्टहरु अबका दिनमा पढ्न पाऊँ ।

  2. म त निशब्द भएं ।

  3. After all, the big question mark follows this matter. Well, in my personal opinion I cant go either in one side and stand in favor of "one". Yes, it is not simply a one in a meaning of an individual or simply a community. But it simply resembles the time, tradition and state of current world. Moving world and its time, the world of competition and "self-extreme".
    On other hand, the first and foremost, yes the first comes first and guides other, but I am still not sure for what comes first.. Well, here I know can be kept under criticism or with the subject matter of "Living God". As I said earlier, here the "one" can not be blamed or punished for the rituals going on. Do we have ever thought for these ever? I don't think so, now let me put my opinion on how the phenomenon exists. Taking an example of Westernizing culture and our fading rituals I personally feel cursed.
    Well, Anusha Di, a heart touching post with first person narrative language structure. I wish to learn similar post in coming days....
    And yes! Rajesh dai! I took some ideas from yours too.
    thank you Rajesh dai and Anusha di...

  4. लामो समय पछि ब्लगका लागि भनि कीबोर्ड चालेकि अनुषाको उहि पुरानो (मर्मस्पर्षी) भाव पाँए । keep on writing anusha


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