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Nowadays I don’t know what has happened to me. Every time I want to do something but it all goes wrong and wrong. I am not able to concentrate on my work and studies. What has happened to me? Why all the people around me seem to be my opponents. There is no one around me to understand me. I am alone and all alone. I know that my feelings are very much different from others. my thinking an d my attitude towards life is very much different from others. every body says that I am mysterious but there is no one who tries to understand me.

In the crowd of the people I am all alone. I am alone. In the circle of my friends. Why???????? A great question arises on my mind. Coz. I am not able to know why this happens. So thus now I will do a different kind of work to cover my loneliness. Yes from today I will be different. And I know that I have to be different to cope with my problem. Yes this is the great idea that I can do to avoid loneliness that is to do anything creative. And I am trying to do that by trying to write something in my diary.

I don’t know what is going on…

Every day I meet different types of people. But I am not able to find out the perfect friend

Who can help me to remove my loneliness. I am not able to do my works properly. now there is only one friend and that is my diary. Coz this is only the one with whom I can share my feelings. Although it will not say anything in return. but also I feel lighter so I write everything in the diary.

But diary is not the perfect solution. coz it doesn’t say anything in returns.. So I am in search of a very special friend for me.. But I know that I cannot find any type of friends coz. No any people in this world are of my type. I think that there is no one who is born in this world to accompany me. Thus a big problem arises in me. Whom to tell and what to tell it’s the big problem. So it’s the great problem for me. But everythings happens to be good, might this lonliness give me the proper direction to me.. so I am hoping to be everything good,….. Diary has brought me this positive feelings .. thanks my diary ……….now I am sure that one time my day will come. And I can overcome from all of my problems….:)


  1. Take care and Don't be lonely. You know a good way of doing that is to add random friends on FB and chatting to them.And then removing bad ones and keeping brilliant ones.....

    It is like " digging through heaps of soil to get gold" ....

    As far as this random writing is concerned, I am forced to assume, it looks like a page of your diary with personal musings.. try making your blog interesting and give your writing a good style...


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