for you

Today i am alone. Yes its because you are not with me.There is no one in this world to hold my hand.In this broken heart there is only the scattered image of you . No doctors can sew it.There is only one who can repair it and thats you.from the time you are aparted from me my heart is will not be recovered by any medicines.. today i am alone and full of tears in my eyes. you made me and my life.and you kept me alive but today i am like a dead body having only a breathe in taught me how to smile , how to love , how to be happy, and how to enjoy this life.You taught me every thing but why you didnt taught me to forget you?

you are the one who is in my breath, in my each heartbeat and my memory. I know that there is no space for me in your heart . but you are the one whose memory and impressons cannot be deleted from my heart. you are the one whom i lived for.

And today i an alone. you leaved me alone in this crowded world. whether you love me or not, remember me or not, that doesnt matter . But i love you so much and mine love will not end for you.I pray for your bright future, may your future shine up.
Our relation is vanished in air.Everything is lost and nothing is left except pain.Because you broke my heart . you played with my heart. i gave my life for you and i got death in return. I gave smile and I got tears in return.I gave you all teh happiness and in return i got pain , pain , and pain.
You are out of my sight but not out of my heart. you are out of reach but not out of my mind. i know i am nothing to you but you re everything for me. If you realize my trrue love any time and if you return back my heart is always for you ............... love you so much.. take care good bye.......
Lost angel