A love letter

Dear ,

Today i am very very happy to know that you love me.... you are the one to make me feel what is love. I am very very much happy . Coz i found you. Today i can feel that yours heart is inside my heart and every beat of yours heart can be felt by mine heart.......yes u r the one whom i searched for years. In every blooming of the flowers i see u...... . yours every smile makes me feel that u r my and only mine.. i don't know from where to start. Its very difficult for me to express my feelings for you in this small paper. It is not enough to express my feelings..... before i met you i hadn't realize what really a love is. I used to call the illusion of heart . But now i can clearly understand that its not the illusion but its a really heavenly feeling of the heart ....... And cannot stop saying this words. U r my heart beat. U r my life....I Love you.

At the night while staring at the sky, i find you among those many stars . U my star shining brightly.... and whispering those sweet words to me..in the ray of moon i find Ur sweet love and care for me.... i wont say i an pick up those stars and give it to you but i can promise you that i can give all the happiness that i can find in this earth.Yes you are my dream. U r my everything. U r my inspiration hope and success. With Ur support i can walk my life easily. Pl z. Hold my hand forever . I cannot imagine my life without you. You r my everything. I love you.


When i am lonely be with me, when i am happy enjoy with me. And when i am crying when i am crying pl z... don't cry with me but make me feel better.and wipe my tears....... pl z be my best friend not only lover.......in my every difficulties of life show me the way. I will walk beside you in yours each and every moments of life. I love you.

You gave me smile in my face. You gave me happiness nd u gave me the life. Thank you so much for being with me. I feel your love in the cold air blowing through my face. I feel your love in the water flowing in the river, i feel your love in the shade of tree. I feel your love in the chirping of birds. I feel your love in everywhere. This nature give me the true feelings of your love.I love you.

I am very much happy that today the emotional bond between us is being so much powerful that no one can destroy it. No flood can crunch it.No storm can blow it. Yes its the true bond between us. And i am very very much thankful to the god for providing such a great love between us. And i also want to thank god for creating such a wonderful person like you. Thank you so much god. Thank you so much. Being with such a wonderful person is so nice. And very lovely thing in this world . Do you know why ? Coz the only reason is that "I love you.

Lastly. Thank you so much for being there. Please never be change. I love you and only love you........................................xxx..............................xxx...........................xxx

Yours love

Lost angel........


  1. Waaoo it's very nice anyway let me read all this la.. then I will comment properly... hai....

  2. I have one girl friend and I desided now that i'm going to give her a later which i got here.. thank you for lovly love later la...

  3. Oh but you must try yourself to write.... coz... urs real feelings cannot be detected by this short letter......... any way thank you very much........ take out your real fellings and drop it on paper you can do it..........

  4. Wow!!! so amazing love letter... Congratulations!!! hai. keep blogging... timro blog mero blogma rakhidenju hai.... timilai bises promote..... :D

  5. An indifferent piece of "paper-work", Mind Blowing expression, Keep Rocking, GoodLuck.....

    @ MY FAMILY : hey dear just say her what's u have in urs mind, just speak it out let it fly freely. GoodLuck

    @ lost angel : BTW everything is fair on "LOVE" i too planned to do so.

  6. Thank you everybody . thanks a lot for your comments.........


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