The Lost Angel- part 1

She is the girl of fixed ambition .She is unique of all. She is the one who has to do a lot in her life. She thinks that she has to do a lot for the sake of all living beings. She is always focused on her work. No any external force can stop her from doing her work. What she thinks and what she does is totally different from others people. No one can guess from seeing her that what kind of person is she? Many people think that she is like other girls but she is totally different from others. She doesn’t want to ruin her life as others do. She wants to do something that gives her the total satisfaction. She wants to lead a very meaningful life and she want to be the example to everybody... She is very simple and short and sweet. She is a girl of fixed ambition.

She is totally different from others. Many people come in touch with her. She reads every people eyes and behave to them in that manner. People fail to recognize her. Everybody thinks that she is like other ordinary girls but she is totally different from others. She is as if she is the angel who lost her way to heaven. Many come and go in her life But nobody can understands her. Many people doesn’t dare to understand her and the one who dares cannot understand her.

She leads the very simple life. Simple living and high thinking is the main motto of her life. She thinks a lot. She thinks for the world. if all the people around the world they had mind like hers the world would be very extraordinary. And there would be no any negative word. But the world is not like that. Her one weakness is that she cannot express herself to others. Although she tries she fails, coz…. there are no any words to express herself. Nobody can understand her coz… every times she tries to make understand people laugh at her .whatever come in her way she take it easily. And she has the solution to every problem. Many of her friends come to her with many problems and she gives the solution easily. Her problems? What about her problems then? None seems to understand her. Thus due to this reason she gets sometimes frustrated. But she manages that too.

But she is seeking one special person for her who can understand her and can support her at every difficulties of her life. Many people come in her way but no body seems to understand her. But now some xtra thing is going to happen in her life.....An understanding guy is coming in her life.......... lets see what happens next..........

( to be continued)


  1. you know what? you are the person with good knowledge, hey how can you rite so genious story??? plz teach me too.. la...

  2. oh thank you sooo much.........

  3. ani kasle lekhchha ta ? i have written this dude....... cute pooh


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